Posted by: bearcruzer | August 9, 2009

Hood River to Boise, ID

We left the Pacific NW and headed south.  The plan for today is to get as far as Hood River OR.  Mike is an old windsurfer and Hood River is supposed to be a Primo Windsurf spot in the U.S.  We battled our way south and got to experience a bit of rush hour around Seattle as we did not leave the ferry from Anacortes till after 1:00pm.  We arrived in Hood River as the sun was setting but did not find a camp spot till after dark.  We enjoyed a walk around the town in the morning but the wind was not accomodating due to the recent heat wave that has encompassed the entire Pacific NW.   No wind, No windsurfers.  Mike did get to peruse a couple of surf shops and check out the latest gear.  Not much has changed other than shorter wider boards and of course having to share the water with the newest sport kite boarding or kite surfing.  I’d like to try that someday.   I know… careful what you wish for! 

We continued over to Boise and had a great visit with Christy, Bruce, Hannah & Matt.   We enjoyed meeting Hannah’s Guinea Pigs, playing with Rosie, their dog, watching Bruce maintaining his beautiful yard, and bike riding to the local golf course to hit a buckets of balls  with Matt & Christy . (I think he has a new found respect for what it takes to get a ball out of a sand trap.   Those guys on TV make it look so easy!)   Matthew had a birthday while we were there.  He turned 10.  Double Digits….a really big step.  Matt and Hannah were preparing to leave for 4H camp so we donated a couple of flashlights for their trip.   It was hard saying goodbye, as we drove away we discovered  Spongebob in our top bunk.  I’m certain it was his intention to accompany us back to the sea as he had overheard our plan to go sailing in the Caribbean.  As much as he would have enjoyed being returned to the ocean life we are destined for,  we drove him back to Hannah so he would not miss out on 4H camp.     Bruce met us in the driveway and Spongbob was returned albiet reluctantly back to his Inland Home. 



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