Posted by: bearcruzer | July 31, 2009

Fun on Orcas

July  26th – 28th

The morning of the 26th greeted us with a light drizzle and thick fog blanketing the bay.  I took the computer down to the library at the resort where I could work on updating the blog, pics, & e-mail.    After breakfast Mike and Carl bicycled along the coast while I took care of some online accounting & etc.   The morning fog had burned off around 10:00am and we enjoyed a last soak before heading to Moran State Park.   We spent the next 3 days enjoying many of the bicycle, & hiking trails, and swimming in Cascade Lake.  This was definitely and R&R stop as we had no cell service or Internet access.  We took a drive up to Constitution Mountain and climbed the stone lookout tower for a 360 degree view of the sound.  That day was bright and clear and we could to Canada and snow covered mountains on the mainland of Washington. We bicycled to Cascade Falls and Hiked around Cascade Lake and also out to Sunrise Rock.  The water of the lake was refreshing after our ride and hikes as temps were in the 90’s. MORE PHOTOS.   We enjoyed a visit with a beautiful young woman named Claire who was expecting and enjoying a dip in the Lake with her Corgi Mix.  She was a transplant from Loveland Colorado.  I had stopped to talk with her about her dog and then she saw our license plates and we struck up a great conversation.  Thanks for stopping Claire.    We drove out to Buck Bay and bought 2 dozen large fresh oysters which we steamed and grilled on the half shell for a farewell dinner with Carl.  We will head out tomorrow for Hood River, OR. as Mike wants to check out the Windsurfing scene there before we head to Boise to visit Christy, Mike’s youngest sister and her family.   

Bridge at CascadeSunset from Camp



  1. Nice update!…Thanks.
    Please phone back ASAP us regarding some important actions that need to be taken in response to the snail mail we have just received for you.

    Love, ….Dad & Mom

  2. oh wow orcas island looks amazing!

  3. “Creampuff” !!! Love it! Cyn

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