Posted by: bearcruzer | July 31, 2009

Creampuff Floats

July 24th 

Our goal today was to travel up to Port Townsend and catch the Ferry over to Keystone and then drive up to Anacortes to meet up with our friend Carl Pitts.  He telephoned us this morning to tell us he had arrived the night before and was anxious to show us the San Juan Islands.   We told him we would attempt to meet up with him in the afternoon.  Port Townsend is a really cool town with lots of Victorian architecture and Art and Cultural Events.  We would have liked to explore it further but we really needed to access the internet as Mike has had some Real Estate business to attend to and we needed to print out contracts, sign them and fax them back to Pagosa.  Not an easy thing to do on the road.  We were able to complete our paperwork with only 2 stops and also filled the propane on the Motor home AKA CreamPuff.  We then spent the remainder of the afternoon waiting in line on standby, as all reservations had been booked for that day on the Ferry from Port Townsend to Keystone.  We were able to secure a ride on 4:20pm Ferry. We had about another hour to wait before she boarded so we waited on the Ferry dock and watched a beautiful gaff rigged 1940’sor 50’s schooner sail by.  Mike chatted with Phil who was traveling in big  Class A Motor home about different places to camp while traveling.  The ferry ride was really pleasant.  Carl told us he would go ahead over to Orcas Island and wait for us there.  We drove up to Anacortes and had just enough time to do a speed shop at Safeway before we boarded the 6:50pm Ferry to the Island.  Carl did the telephone work to get us camping accommodations on the Island for the next 2 nights.    The Ferry from Port Townsend was just a baby compared with the Ferry we took from Anacortes.  It was huge.  We had a really nice ride on both Ferries and finally saw Carl smiling and waving as we disembarked on Orcas Island.   Carl booked us a site at West Beach Resort on the Northwest corner of the Island.  It was a beautiful place and we arrived as the sun was setting.   See MORE PHOTOS.  There was a thumbnail moon setting just above the small island across the sound.  We had a great walk and took a bunch of photos.   It is really great to get to visit with old friends while we travel.




  1. the title for this one is great. it sounds like you guys are having a blast.

  2. I looked at all your pictures today, they are great.
    The sunset photos are beautiful. Love Mom

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