Posted by: bearcruzer | July 31, 2009

Au Natural

July 25th

This morning I walked down to the main office of the West Beach Resort and picked up our e-mail.  As I have said before one of our more challenging tasks is to find WIFI and have enough time to accomplish tasks that require internet connection. We are enjoying all of your responses to our blog, keep them coming.    We enjoyed another breakfast of bagels & cream cheese with smoked salmon, tomato, onion, & drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette.  Mike has told me don’t write about food but it is one of our favorite breakfasts and so I thought I would share.  We traveled over to the other side of Orcas Island, stopping in East Sound as they were having their weekly farmers market.  We enjoyed some huge oysters for lunch and walked around the touristy areas a bit.  We also met  and purchased Joyce Greene’s book “ Windy Thoughts” about her and her husband’s 12 year circumnavigation.  Mike is enjoying it 1st.    We then drove through Moran State Park on our way to our next camp destination at Doe Bay Resort on the eastern side of the Island.  We attempted to secure a camp spot for the next 3 nights at Moran State Park by stopping off at the ranger station.  The ranger informed us that all reservations and payment were now handled online. We arrived at Doe Bay and fortunately they boast not only WIFI but also Natural Hot springs….which is to say they take the water from the stream and heat it.   A little different than Pagosa, but no sulfur.   Sorry no pis of these as they were clothing optional.  We took an afternoon bicycle ride on the roads around the resort.  We rode through forests and ranchland and down to a small bay community passing many wild blackberry bushes which people seem to use as hedgerows.  These were not quite ripe as we are a little further north.  We arrived back at the resort and enjoyed cocktails as we sat on Adirondack benches overlooking the bay.  I enjoyed chatting with Tim and Ann, a couple who were cruising on their Pearson 31 in Puget Sound with their Sheba-Inu dog while their son attended summer camp on the island.    There seems to be a large cruising community in and around Puget Sound. Mikes cruising friends George and Paula will be happy to hear we did enjoy some of the destinations they have suggested although I don’t think we will have time for a  sail until it is on our own boat.    We are supposed to be having record heat in the coming week but as the evening came on we had lightening and a light rain that persisted for the remainder of the evening and into the night.   Of course that did not detour us from enjoying the hot spring tubs and sauna.   Au Natural.  Of Course.

Doe Bay 1Doe Bay 2Street MusicianJoyce Greene


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