Posted by: bearcruzer | July 26, 2009

Small World

July 22nd

We decided to ride down to Charleston, a small fishing port.  We rode down from our campground to the frontage road along the beach and north for a couple of miles to the Town.  As we rode over the draw bridge that crossed the inlet to the port we looked over the side and saw dozens of people sloshing though the mud flats with shovels, rakes, and buckets.  Clamming.  The clams they were finding were 3-4 inches across.  We also rode through a boat yard and saw some very sad forgotten old trollers and sailboats in various stages of being reclaimed by the elements.    On the commercial fishing pier we met a lady who’s family was one of those clamming.   She gave us some recommendations of stops to make along the coast on our journey north.  We also spent some time talking with a fisherman who was on the pier filleting fish for anyone for a fee and watched a seal hanging out under the pier waiting for a free meal.    As we were talking with him a young girl named Jessie was walking by and heard us say we were from Pagosa Springs.  It turns out she is from Durango and her father works for the BLM in Bayfield.   She is studying Marine Biology at the Oceanographic Institute in Charleston.  Small World.  We rode back to the campground and headed, where else, North.  Just above Charleston we traveled through Coos Bay, OR.  We both really liked the feel of this larger Port Town.  It also happened that we arrived on Market day and the Main St through town was closed and we stopped and enjoyed a wonderful walk through their farmers market.  See additional pics in MORE PHOTOS.   Because the scenery was so spectacular, we didn’t make it very far up the Oregon Coast before we stopped at Beverly Beach for the evening and enjoyed a walk on the beach before dinner.  Beverly Beach had an ancient knurled driftwood stump that had washed up on the beach that was 15 ft across and dated at 4100 years old.

Biking in CharlestonCoos Bay 008


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