Posted by: bearcruzer | July 26, 2009

Hug Point to Potlatch

July 23rd

We left Beverly Beach early and decided to put some miles on this morning before breakfast.  We traveled up the coast and stopped at Hug Point, a spot that had been recommended to us by the lady in Charleston, a very picturesque spot with a waterfall spilling onto the beach and dotted with alcoves in the bluffs.  We then continued up to Astoria where we took in the Colombia River Maritime Museum.   After enjoying our tour we headed on into Washington.  We decided to travel inland to the sound and made it up to Potlatch State Park above Shelton, WA.  We attempted to take a short bike ride but the road along the sound was pretty busy so we decided to walk over to the day use picnic area across from the campground.   We saw a beautiful dugout canoe that was carved by Franklin De La Cruz of the Quinault Indian Nation.  MORE PHOTOS  It took him 2 years to complete.  He was off loading the canoe to launch it this weekend for its maiden voyage up to Kingston.   A number of other people saw that he needed more help than the few friends that had accompanied him so we along with others helped him get it off the trailer and onto some sawhorses he had on the shore.   We met some other travelers that gave us some good information about the ferry out of Port Townsend that we will have to take to meet up with Carl in Anacortes WA.

030 Hug Pt058 Canoe



  1. Then you get to the the coast make sure you stop by Anacortes, Wa. it’s the Gateway to the San Juan Islands. Try out the Ferry circuit around the islands and make sure to stop by Friday island, you can do it with or without the morerhome.and maybe Orka island. as well a a walk through the streets of Anacortes.
    You might be able to Bare-boat, or daysail. The Anacortes marina # is 360-293-4543. Feel free to use my name as a reference I don’t know if it would help, can’t hurt.

  2. Great blog! Here are some ideas for Canada – Victoria; “tea” at the Empress Hotel, water taxi around harbor, Butchart Gardens. Chemainus: incredible murals. Vancouver: Stanley Park, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens, Capilano suspension bridge, Grouse Mountain gondola, underground history of Vancouver in “old town”. If you are still in Seattle area, give my brother and sister-in-law a call – Tom and Margaret Symons 206 322 6253.
    Great to see you here. Love, Jim and Marilyn

  3. Hey guys looks like your having lots of fun I wanna see a boat pic soon. Love you Josh

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