Posted by: bearcruzer | July 24, 2009

Cool Dip, Tasty Treat!

July 19th – 

We woke up early and tried to access the WiFi at the Campground without success.  We have found this to be one of our more challenging tasks during our journey.    We had made arrangements to meet up with James and Jeanine for breakfast before they headed home to San Mateo just south of San Francisco and back to work……we feel for your guys, really we do!   We said our goodbyes and headed out.   Our plan today was to travel west back towards the coast and then drive north again.  We drove northwest staying off the interstate for most of the drive and passed through Redding.  We then proceeded to head west over Hwy 299 through the Trinity Alps Wilderness back to the Coast.   The Temp was in the 90’s- 100’s this far inland and we stopped and by about 6:00pm we were ready to stop at one of the many campgrounds along that route.    We pulled into Hayden Flats Campground right along the main branch of the Trinity River.   We initially pulled into the upper campground not realizing there was another section closer to the river.  We took a walk and quickly realized our error and moved our motor home down to the lower section of the campground just few hundred yards down the road and just above the river.   As we piled out the motor home the primary objective was to walk down to the river to cool off.  We were excited to find that there was a beautiful little sandy beach just below the campground with a great swimming hole.   The water temperature was cool, not cold, and extremely refreshing.   Over dinner we talked about walking back up to the upper campground where we had seen a number of large patches of wild blackberries to gather some for our breakfast tomorrow. Tucker was right,  he told us we would be hitting the coast during blackberry season.   

Hayden Flats Crystal SwimmingHayden Flats Michael



  1. Hi Crystal and Michael,
    Did you know that your grandfather (Arlo) lived in the Trinity alps (in Trinity Center, a town that is now under Trinity Lake) when he was a youngsterabout high school age. His step father Moreau Ashley was working there. He was a gold dredge operator.

    Love, Dad

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