Posted by: bearcruzer | July 21, 2009

Visit with the Symons/Galassi Family

July 14 – July 15th     

Visit with Symons/Galassi Family

We left Fullerton and drove up to Pasadena to meet up with Crystal’s Cousin Deb, and her Husband Dave and their children Nico, Peter, & Marina at Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jim’s home to take the kids swimming.    Uncle Jim is a retired Presbyterian Minister and he and Aunt Marilyn have a wonderful Duplex Apt in a retirement complex owned by the Church.   They have wonderful amenities including a pool and tennis.    When we arrived we walked the Kids over to the pool.  They were so cute in there swim suits and floaties and they were so excited.  Our best laid plans were dashed as we approached the gate to find a sign reading “Pool Closed until Thursday for Maintenance”   Talk about some tears and long  faces and cries about life not being fair.   Deb attempted to find a public pool but to no avail.  We were able to round up a couple of squirt bottles and there are at least  3 hoses that reached Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jim’s front yard so………The water fight was on!  Smiles returned and a great cooling time was had by all, even those who hadn’t planned on getting wet.   We had a wonderful Mexican food dinner from a place called Lupita’s.   Uncle Jim recommended some sights to see along the Olympic Peninsula where he grew up.    We drove back to Deb and Dave house a few miles from Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jim’s and spent the night with them.  It was great to get to catch up a little as we really did not get to spend much time talking with them at the wedding.    The next morning  Deb & the Kids took us to Huntington Gardens.   It was a beautiful research botanic garden in Pasadena.  We really enjoyed getting to see some of the Kid’s favorite areas including the Desert Garden, the Chinese Garden, and the Japanese Garden.  We bought the kids the book “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss to remember our adventure together at the gardens as Crystal was quoting excerpts from it during our tour.    We said our goodbyes to the Galassi Family and pressed on North.  

NicoPeterMarinaCousin DebDave GalassiUncle JimHuntington Gardensaunt Marilyn



  1. “I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tounges, and I am screaming at you at the top of my lungs!” hehe great book.

  2. We had such a fantastic time when you visited! Thanks for making us a stop on your journey and posting on our time together. Even though it’s taken us a couple of weeks to get to it, we’ve been thinking about you everyday and looking forward to news of your adventures. The kids are loving the Lorax book and requesting to have it read often. Then they say, “We have trees like that in the Huntington Desert Garden”, and we say, “yes, you showed them to Crystal and Mike!” Hugs and kisses to you both!

  3. What a fun day that was, I posted pics on fb! I love the Huntington Gardens! Deb & kids introduced them to me as well. The Children’s garden is my favorite. Glad you made it there!

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