Posted by: bearcruzer | July 21, 2009

Visit with Mom and Dad

July 7th – July 12

Visit with Mom & Dad

We have spent the last few days visiting with Mom and Dad and getting the animals accustomed to their new home.  Dad has built Dusty a ramp from their deck to a little enclosed yard so she will be able to go outside unsupervised.    We spent time walking with her around the lake near my folks home and spending some quality time with both Dusty Dog and Archie the Cat before we say our goodbyes for a while.  

We also took a really great bike ride through the Dells, a rocky outcropping near my folks home.  I should say it was a ride/hike as I ended up with a flat tire and no spare tube so I had to hike out for a couple of miles while Mike rode on back to my folks to form a rescue squad.  We mapped out the route I would take out of the park and they met me on the road, (all of them, Mom, Dad, Mike, & Dusty.) 

We got to visit with Mom’s Aunt Mary Lou Lewis and her cousin Ginny also and had a rousing game of Mexican train dominos.   We also had a visit with Mom’s & Dad’s Friends Pat, & Martha Ann & Gordon and keeping in the tradition of game night with my folks Pat introduced us to Scrabble Slam a fun word game but we finished up the night with Mexican Train dominos. 

We left for SoCal on Sunday morning and it was just as difficult to say goodbye to the animals as it was to say goodbye to Sage.  They are our children too. 

Dusty D DogArchie

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