Posted by: bearcruzer | July 21, 2009

Visit with Cindy, Kerry and Boys

July 12- 14th

Visit with Cindy, Kerry & Boys

We drove from Prescott to Fullerton CA. to visit with Cindy, Kerry, Cameron, & Cristovan.   As we traveled to their home we came through the desert and got out first blast of really hot weather.  Whew!  It was good though as we will need to reacclimatize to the heat and when we get into the tropics the humidity as well.    We stopped at Hadley’s Orchards I introduced Michael to their famous Date Shakes.  Hey we have to do a couple of tourist things right?!  We traveled on into smoggy SoCal.  Coming in on Sunday was really a breeze as far as the traffic and we had no delays reaching our destination.  We parked in Cindy and Kerry’s Driveway with only inches to spare and had to climb in and out of the camper through the driver’s side front door.   We spent the next couple of days laughing and visiting with them.  Cam and Chris where also there for the week and so we got to spend time with them as well.    We had some great walks and Cindy and Kerry showed us around downtown Fullerton and introduced us to some of their friends.   Kerry is still trying to figure out a way to move to Pagosa Springs and has recently seen that one of our friend s back home is looking for an engineer.  We gave have hooked the two of them up via facebook and who knows where those positive thoughts may lead.  Good Luck!   Thanks  to you guys for opening your heart and home to us.

CameronCristoCindy & Kerry



  1. Thanks for coming by! We really had fun and we’ll be living vicariously through your adventures! Keep upt the good blogs.


  2. You’re trip so far has been incredible! I’m following it along with you and loving every turn.

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