Posted by: bearcruzer | July 21, 2009

This is Camping?

July 15th 

We drove north and traveled along the California Coast Hwy 101 and then Hwy 1 enjoying the scenery.    We passed right by Vandenberg AFB and wondered if Sage might end up there someday.    We really enjoyed the coast drive and the farm lands we traveled through.    As the day turned to evening we tried to find a camping spot along the coast but to no avail everything was full.  It is hard to believe that Arnold is thinking about shutting down the State Parks.  Every park that we visited the campgrounds were full.   We stopped at a hospital parking lot but it was so busy that we drove on until we ended up at the Wonderful  “Walmart” Resort and Camping Lot in beautiful Paso Robles at about 10pm and crashed for the evening.  Nothin but the best for us, but really it wasn’t half bad, level and pretty darn quiet. Walmart Camping



  1. We are having fun with the boys, the weather has not cooperated today so they are at a movie G Force. They have spent hours at Silver Lake with new friends they met, they caught lots of frogs. They leave Monday at 6 am out of Wausau. Love Mom

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