Posted by: bearcruzer | July 21, 2009

Spending Time with Family isn’t always simple!

July 17th   

We traveled North with a plan of stopping in San Mateo or San Francisco and seeing Crystal’s brother James and sister-in-law Jeanine.   But the best laid plans as they say….. We got hold of Jamie only to find out that he and Jeanine were leaving to go rafting with friends along the South Fork of the American River.   We attempted to contact our friend Victoria Dawson who lives on Pier 39 in San Francisco but she too would not be available until Tuesday.   So we altered our plans and called James back to find out exactly where he and Jeanine were camping and told him we would come to him if he didn’t mind us crashing his camping trip and visit with them when they weren’t rafting.   He told us to come on out and gave us information as to where they would be staying.   We punched the campgrounds location into the Garmin and off we headed to Coloma, CA just north of Placerville.   Gold Country.   We contacted the campground where James was staying but they were already full.   We called another campground in the same area only to hear that they too were full.   We broke out the AAA Campbook and the Woodall’s Camping guide and made a couple more telephone calls in the hope of finding something close to where James and Jeanine were staying.  We finally got a call back from Coloma Resort to tell us that they did have availability and would reserve us a spot.  WE WERE IN!  and only a few miles from James and Jeanine. Yeah!   We arrived without incident and were initially put into a very small camp spot with no shade.  The temp was topping out around 103 and so we took a quick walk around the campground and then when into the office to see about moving.    We were able to move to a nicer spot under a tree and away from the busy pool area.  Yes this is one of those camps that has a pool, activities for the family, and of course the obligatory fake western town scene and gift shop.  The employees were very nice and we met some terrific people who come here year after year.    We called J&J and finally got through to them to tell them where we were staying.    They got a late start and were stuck in traffic for about 5 hours.  Yuck!    They were just setting up so we drove the Creampuff over to their camp and enjoyed a few beers and cooked up some hamburgers.  It is really great having your house with you everywhere you go.    We talked about their planned trip down the American River and they told us there might be a possibility of us being able to go with them if the rest of their party didn’t show.    We told them we would bike over to their camp in the morning to visit and see them off either way, but here’s hoping there’s a no show by a couple of their friends.JJ



  1. The creampuff? LOL. thats great. the picture is awesome too!

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