Posted by: bearcruzer | July 21, 2009

An unexpected and delightful day!

July 18th

We rode our bicycles over to James and Jeanine’s camp this morning.  Upon arrival we were delighted to hear that they did have space available to take us along on their raft trip.   We visited for a little while and then rode back to our camp to prepare to Raft the South Fork Gorge of the American River.   We changed into our swimsuits and shorts and slathered on the Sunscreen.    James ran the shuttle and then returned to our campground to pick us up.   We helped prepare the rafts for the trip. We had one large raft that held 7 of us and then 4 two man rafts (duckies) for the rest of us.  This is one of the most commercially rafted sections of the River and we had to maneuver with other groups to line up to go through the more treacherous sections of the River.  It felt like rush hour on the Freeway on some of the stretches of the river.   We started out in the large raft.    We traveled about 7 miles down the American River and through some class 3 rapids.  Crystal was tossed out of the raft and went swimming twice during the journey and at least 3 of the duckies also took turns swimming.   We stopped along the river to swim and cool off.  A few of the braver took turns jumping off of Gorilla Head Rock into the river.   About 1/2 way through our journey we, a few of the duckie riders were ready for a break after swimming and pinballing off of boulders,  so Mike and I jumped into one of the duckies and really had a great time riding the remainder of the river.  I must admit I felt more at home in the Duckie than I did in the larger raft.  Ok, so I’m a control freak.  I admit it. One of James friends Rob who was a virgin River Rafter had some really great analogies and referred to the Fun Factor of the trip as ”better than 3 ski masks and a bank”.    Our trip ended just above Folsom Lake and Jet Skis were available for a reasonable fee to tow us to the take out.  Otherwise it was about 45 minutes of paddling to get there.  It was worth the $10.00 for all of us.   We broke down the rafts and headed back to James and Jeanine’s Camp where we had a couple of coldies and nursed our bumps and bruises and toasted the awesome day together on the River.  Thanks to all of James and Janine’s fantastic friends for allowing us to share their day.    I must have told Mike at least a half dozen times today what a great time I had.

Jeanine RaftingJames RaftingAmerican River Rush HourSheriffs on PatrolJumperIt hurt's right here!

What a Great Day!

What a Great Day!



  1. I just caught up on everything. Sounds like things worked out great, even though you had to modify your plans.

    Keep us posted and have lots of fun!

  2. Im gunna remember that fun factor measurement. and jumping off that rock looks like tons of fun! Keep on living the dream, and tell mike to smile damn it! 😛

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