Posted by: bearcruzer | July 12, 2009

Grand Canyon – North Rim


1st Glimpse

1st Glimpse

July 5th – July 7th 


Upon advice of our wonderful friend Lori – we decided to bypass the tourist area of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Travel along Forest Service dirt roads for 20 miles.  We had no map but followed USFS Signs out to a place that listed Vista Points.  We found our way to a place called North Timp Point, 20 miles off the main route between Jacob Lake and the USFS Fee Station.   We traveled the dusty forest service roads past an area where there was a control burn going on.  The smell of smoke was heavy in the air and we did not meet up with any other traffic.   We just kept driving  in the general direction of the canyon and followed the few small signs we saw until we reached North Timp Point.   One of about 6 points along the North Rim.  This was Michael’s First visit to the Canyon and we arrived in the late afternoon and set up our motorhome without incident.   We were just  in time for cocktail hour.   Mike and I enjoyed a glass of wine and watched the sunset over the canyon.   The temperature and weather was terrific.   We had the area to ourselves for most of the 2 days we spent there.  We took photos and enjoyed the evening.   As spectacular as the sunset was, the sunrise was even more beautiful.  We hiked along the rainbow rim trail, a trail that connects the other USFS points along the Rim, for 6 miles before breakfast and we were relaxing back in camp when Michael remarked that he hoped we could see a California Condor.  They are large vultures with a 9 foot wingspan.  They were almost extinct and have been bred in captivity and reintroduced into the canyon.   There are only about 100 being monitored in the wild with another 100 being bred in captivity.  That’s all.   About Mid – day we were just finishing taking outdoor showers when I looked up and yelled to Michael that his Condor had arrived.   It flew over our camp and landed in a tree about 50 yards from our camp.  We took pictures and then he took off and circled around our camp again and flew out over the canyon where he was joined by a 2nd Condor.  Both Condors then spent the next 30 -40 minutes circling our camp.  We realized that the reason that they circled for so long was that our Corgi dog Dusty, who had hiked with us that morning, was lying outside of the motor home asleep and wasn’t moving.  They probably thought they had a free lunch.    It was quite the show.    We were visited later that day by a couple from Prescott who had come out to enjoy the canyon for the day  and then by a natural history group of about 15 that were studying goshawks and kaibab squirrels.   We  chatted with them for a while and then had another lovely sunset on the rim.   We snuggled into our Motorhome bunk and  slept soundly with a spattering of rain tapping on the roof.   The next morning we woke early in time to see the full moon setting over the canyon.   We took a last walk along the Rainbow Rim Trail before climbing into to motorhome and heading to Prescott to visit with Crystal’s parents and drop off  the dog and cat for them to care for while we are traveling.



  1. It sounds like heaven, what a fantastic way to begin your trip. You two are so blessed. Keep up the blogging! Love you both, Sandy

  2. I just love when God answers the prayers of His children…Go God…more to come for both of you. All my blessings and happy trails…

  3. I love it!!!!! One of my favorite people has a blog that I can keep up with her! I am so happy for you and Mike! You finally did it! This trip sounds wonderful! I will be reading along and living vicariously! David is completely jealous and so happy for the two of you! Love the condor pic on flickr! We love ya and God Bless!

  4. Awesome! Please keep these coming mommy dearest!

  5. Wow, Thank God every day for your Blessings and enjoy this adventure you and Mike have imbarked on. Seeing the wonder of our Father Gods hand at work is magnificent. Watch out for bears.
    Be safe and see you in a couple of months. Gods Blessings …

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