Posted by: bearcruzer | July 8, 2009

June 21 – July 4th

There are no pictures to include in this post as there was barely time to breathe.  We had only 11 days to pack, sort, and sell the majority of our belongings as we had found  long term renters for our house who wanted to move in on July 1st.   We felt lucky to have  found them in this down market but they wanted the house unfurnished.   He purchased a few of our larger pieces of furniture but we had to get rid of the rest of it.   We had a successful garage sale and what didn’t sell in one day we ended up giving away to friends or the thrift store.  It is amazing how much stuff a couple of people can accumulate in just a few short years.   We then proceeded to transfer our respective businesses and wrap up loose ends.  I sold my Mitsubishi Eclipse.  We packed our keepsakes into a 4 x 12 ft space, and prepared the Motorhome to become our “HOME” for the next few months.   We cleaned the house for the new renters including have the carpets cleaned.  It looked very strange to see the house so empty,  but we will be back someday.     We moved into our Motorhome  on July 1st along with the Dog and Cat that we will be taking over to Prescott to live with Crystal’s Parents Pat and Martin Sperry.    We parked it by the 14th St. Townhomes and became Unit 10 for the next few days.  Jim Kelly wanted to charge us Association Dues.   We spent the next few days wrapping up loose ends and saying goodbye to many wonderful friends.  On July 5th we Dropped off Mike’s Truck with Hi-Mesa Auto Sales for him to sell on consignment and said a final tearful goodbye to Sage.  He will be staying with his father this summer prior to entering the US Air Force in the Fall.  We miss him already.  We climbed into the Motorhome and headed for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.   The adventure begins.



  1. Hi Crystal and Mike! Thanks for visiting us and we wish you a wonderful journey!

  2. We just got online and read about your adventures! What a good read, we will enjoy following your fun!
    We are busy massaging and solarizing, enjoying life. Will look forward to seeing you when you come back. Maybe will have the movie on CD when you come back!

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