Posted by: bearcruzer | July 8, 2009

Here come’s the Sun

Our Day!

Our Day!

As the ceremony began the rain eased enough to allow Crystal escorted,Jamaican Style, by both parents into the newly converted Church of the Holy Tarpuline where Michael with his best man Sage and Crystal”s Uncle James Symons who performed the ceremony were waiting.   Upon seeing each other and feeling the overwhelming love that flowed between us and that surrounded us in such close proximity by our wonderful family and friends, all thoughts of the challenges of the day were forgotten.   This was our day and it was wonderful.    Rev. Uncle Jim blessed us with a creative and wonderful ceremony that was incredibly touching and personal.   A wedding reading from Dr. Seuss added a touch of whimsy and fun,  and a wonderful flute solo was performed by Crystal’s cousin Karen during our unity sand ceremony where we, along with our friends and family, added a bit of sand along with  good wishes and blessings into our Unity Vase.  As the ceremony concluded.  God himself  blessed our union and allowed the Sun  through the clouds as we were pronounced husband and wife and the song ” Here comes the Sun” rang out over the crowd.



  1. I am so happy for the two you, Crystal looks like she is about to explode with happiness. I hope somedat we will be able to see you two. If you are in the area, we have all the hookups you need for the motor home.

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