Posted by: bearcruzer | July 7, 2009

So begins this Sojourn!

Rain on your wedding Day means no tears in your marriage
Rain on your wedding Day means no tears in your marriage
Well, We finally made it.  We are on the road.  It wasn’t easy getting everything ready but it was quite the adventure in itself.  
We were married on June 20th and those who braved the inclement weather will testify, It was still a great party.   I heard all the testimonials about rain on one’s wedding day.  I held it together for most of the morning with the mantra :  “Weather will be dictating the next 2 years of my life so I had better learn to adapt and make the best of it”    I spent the morning making telephone calls to arrange for sides for the tent  we rented so that our ceremony could be moved from outside to a covered area.  The sides were delivered to me as I was getting my hair done and Lori ( my maid of honor) and I drove them out to the site.   Michael on the other hand found that the Tent itself had been set up over the lowest area and was now ankle deep in water.  Plan B,  Send frineds and family on a mad rush to Alco to buy as many large tarps as possible to enclose the Pole Barn i.e. Dancefloor to attempt to provide some protection for the Ceremony.  Decorations that would turn our mountain ranch reception into an island paradise became water logged and had to be abandoned.   45 minutes before the ceremony was to begin,  Michael was finally coaxed down off of the ladders to dry off and get dressed.    As the time of the ceremony drew near,  we were informed that the Mother and Step Father of the Groom and other important family members were stuck with a flat tire.  Shuttles were arranged to go and pick them up and bring them to the site.    Guests arrived wearing there best Caribbean Casual attire as requested with the addition of down jackets and hipboots.   The cake (delicious as it was) suffered greatly during the trip over muddy dirt roads and was placed under cover and patched as best as possible.   Our Caterer and good friend Eddie made the best of the situation and moved the Moho Pig along with the other Caribbean delights into the Garage and continued setting up for whatever the rest of the day would bring.   


  1. It was an awesome experience. Ill remember it forever! The pros greatly outweighed the cons!

  2. I have tears in my eyes laughing and crying over this! What a wonderful way to demonstrate your resourcefulness and commitment from day 1! You’ll make it as cruisers! (Not that I ever questioned it–Mike is an expert, and Crystal certainly has what it takes!)

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